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  • EGP 100.00
    1 Review(s)

    Geriatr UM is specifically formulated for senior dogs, who are showing signs of slowing down, fatigue and sluggishness.Geriatrum contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Ginseng which is proven to help maintain the immune system and Green Lipped Mussel as a natural source of Glucosamine, helping your Dogs body adjust to the ageing process.45...

    EGP 100.00
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  • EGP 9.90
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    Chunks with beef for all breeds adult dogs. Cooked in oven and seasoned French-style. Nutritive value and digestibility: high content in noble proteins and good vitamins integration, good digestibility. Perfume and agreeableness: delicious scents of meat with the typical intensity of the main ingredient. Made in Italy

    EGP 9.90
    In Stock
  • EGP 600.00

    Helps maintain an ideal body shape in Maxi dogs aged 15 months to 5 years old.Taurine helps promote healthy heart function by stimulating normal heart contractions.High glucosamine and chondroitin content helps maintain healthy joints.Helps satisfy fussy appetites with a selection of exclusive flavourings and perfect preservation.For dogs weighing 26kg to...

    EGP 600.00
    In Stock
  • EGP 300.00

    FRONTLINE Spray is convenient, highly effective and only needs to be sprayed once a month over the body to give your pet superior flea and tick protection. This is probably the best flea/tick spray available. It does not contain the potentially toxic insecticides found in most pet store sprays. A good choice for rapid activity in severe flea...

    EGP 300.00
    In Stock
  • EGP 110.00

    Complete kit for puppies and dogs with long hair.

    EGP 110.00
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  • EGP 38.00 EGP 40.00 -5%

    Flea&ticks drops “Bars” are used to treat entomoses, Sarcoptes spp., Notoedres spp. and ixodic ticks on dogs.strong system and contact insecticidal and acaricidal effect on lice, fleas, biting louse. The Pack has 4 pipettes.

    EGP 38.00 EGP 40.00 -5%
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • EGP 30.00

    Ideal and important diet supplement High quality taurine supports eyesight and heart function Optimise the daily vitamin supply Strengthen the immune system Help prevent deficiency symptoms Support healthy development  50 grams.

    EGP 30.00
    In Stock
  • EGP 225.00

    Width: 90 cm Made of Sponge

    EGP 225.00
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